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Slot Machine Revenues vs Other Casino Games

by Silas Iris
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Slot machines and other machine-based gambling games dominate the casino space. This is due to the fact that 80% of the revenue of the casino comes from slots. They are well aware where they can profit more, this is why you will see more slot machines in the casino than table games.

Every single slot machine in the casino like Fun88 generates more profit for them. That is why they invest in them more and fill every square foot of casino space with these machines. Another noticeable thing is that most of the advertising is focused on slots.

While slots take the glory of the casino space, the space that table games occupy is slowly shrinking as time passes by. Making games like roulette, blackjack and craps decrease in popularity over time.

Most of the casinos also invest on these machines because they can have a chance to lure more players via huge jackpot amounts with only lesser chances of winning. This is an absolute win for the casino, making them reap the benefits more.

The House Edge

One of the obvious factors why slots are much more profitable for the casinos is the house edge.

House edge is a mathematical probability that measures how much each game in the casino can make them win more than the player. House edge is measured by percentage and each game in the casino has its own house edge percentage.

For example, the game of roulette has a house edge of 5.26%, what this means is that every time a player bets $100, the casino earns $5.26.

Slot machines are the games in the casino with the highest house edge. This is why you will lose more often in slot machines than the table games in the casino.

Skills Versus Chance

Another factor that we have to consider is the difference of the game type between the two. Both skills and chance can affect the winning factor of the player in every game in the casino.

Slot and other machine-based games rely on chance, the players cannot alter the outcome of these casino games. Every spins in slots are moving randomly and every generated wins are based on these randomness.

There are also a few table games that are based on luck such as craps, roulette and baccarat. These table games have a higher percentage as well but not as much as the slot machines have.

Two table games are considered skill games, blackjack and poker. These games do not rely on chance when it comes to winning but instead in the strategy and skill of the player. By utilizing certain skills and strategies, the player can actually control the outcome of the game, making him win more often.

Why should you play table games more often?

After we examine these two factors that affect the revenue of each type of games we can now conclude which games are much better for the casino and which games are much better for the players.

We learned that slot games have the highest house edge and rely on chance to win, this is why you should steer clear first before you play these addictive games. When it comes to table games on the other hand, you should choose to play strategy-based games like blackjack and poker.

These games not only have a low house edge but they also are skill-based so that a few study and practice and you may find yourself in a winning streak.


Slot games are the most popular games in the casino like Fun888, they are loud, fun and addictive but they can also make you lose money more often. What you should do is to play table games more often, not only that they can improve your strategy skills, they can also improve your social skills as well.

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