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How to analyze where you’re going wrong in poker

by Silas Iris
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If there is one thing that all poker players agree on – pros, newbies, and everyone in between – it’s a complex game. That’s what helps to make the game so compelling. No two poker games are different, which means that you could be riding high in one round and facing the dreaded variance in the next.

That said, there are ways for you to make sure that you learn from your mistakes. We all make them! A great way to cut your teeth may be to try a few virtual tables at an NJ online casino. Resorts Casino is often one of the better choices new poker players make when it comes to getting started in the game.

However, let’s take a look at what you need to know should your game be going south, and you need to find those fixes ASAP.

Remember: we all make mistakes

Let’s start with the obvious. Even the best poker players are likely to let things slip a little. However, the difference between the best of the best and the rest of the table lies in the attitude to making mistakes.

If you are a perfectionist, poker is maybe not the best game for you. You are going to make decisions that don’t get you the perfect or ideal responses. You are going to lose money – there’s no guarantee how much, either.

The best poker players, including those who bet online, trust their guts. On top of that, they also don’t get bogged down in the minutiae. They learn very quickly and move on. As a perfectionist, you may be focusing so much on a tiny error that you let it compound and stack up. That’s unhealthy, and it’s going to make things worse.

Research your plays

If you’re noticing that your plays are going nowhere or that variance is not on your side lately, it’s time to take a mental note of your different plays.

It’s not only a good idea to go online and check if your plays are sound, but that you get some advice on what works and what doesn’t.

There are many different poker forums out there. Many will be happy to help you get started – and there are plenty of frank players out there who will soon tell you if your recent plays are duds and why.

Reach out to people

Yes – one of the best ways you can beat the poker slump is to get involved with the communities around you. As mentioned, check out online forums. A great start might be to take a look at Reddit, too.

You shouldn’t ever feel ashamed about asking for advice with poker. It’s a complex game, and everyone who plays it (and enjoys it) knows this only too well!

It’s also going to take you time to turn your game around. As mentioned, there is no such thing as the perfect play or the perfect game. Be willing to appreciate your flaws and that your game isn’t always going to go the way you want it to.

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